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Manufactured in Alberta, our aggregates are used in Major Infrastructure Projects; from Pipelines and Roads to Warehouses and Commercial Developments

Rainbow Rock | Silver Creek Rock

We produce and source a variety of specialty and landscaping rock. From our own Silver Creek; produced from specific alluvial gravel deposits, to massive boulders.

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Road Crush

If you are building a road, railway, bridge or even a retaining wall then you know you need a solid foundation. We produce many different road crush and sub-ballast aggregates to meet those needs. Click the button below to learn more about base materials and their applications!

Round Rock

Washed rock can be either crushed rock that has been washed of sand, or round rock washed of sand and tumbled smooth. While both fit the criteria for being washed and can be used in similar ways, they are very different. Learn More about Washed Rock uses Today!

Fractured Rock

After crushing “Pit Run” it is put through a vibrating screen, this process sorts the sand and gravel into it separate piles. It also removes most of the sand from the rocks which results in a clean fractured rock. Screened Rocks are excellent for drainage rock, for a stable base in landscaping, roads, and driveways, and so much more… 

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This specialty product is trucked in from Nordegg, a small hamlet in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, right to our Camrose yard. It is an angular rock with beautifully blended blue and grey tones. The Rustic Limestone has a very unique blend of blue, grey and copper tones.

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